Hahalua Ring

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Inspired by one of the most breath taking and magical animals we get to share this planet with, the manta ray. Called hahalua in Hawaiian, they are very highly respected members of many different cultures all over the world, but unfortunately still also extremely disrespected in others and in dire need of our help.

This ring is one size, adjustable, and made out of sterling silver with a matte finish.

Mantas are up against intense issues we've caused. They're filter feeders and are vulnerable to ingesting plastic and rubbish floating at the surface. They're easily caught as bycatch and entangled in discarded fishing gear. They're also being hunted and killed for a dish called Peng Yu Sai that's falsely pushed as traditional Chinese medicine to a growing number of consumers. On top of all that, they reproduce slooooooooowly! They can't keep up with the rate we are wiping them out at! So ditch the single use plastic, pick up the rubbish you see before it makes it to waterways, and if you're purchasing seafood make sure you know #WhatsYourBycatch. We don't want to live in world without these gentle and curious giants.

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