Mano Set

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Stainless steel rings with a matte finish to bring awareness to the shark finning issue that takes the lives of two sharks every second, simply for a bowl of soup. Never forget what you're fighting for! This set is composed of two rings and has three sharks swimming around them, a Great Hammerhead, Tiger, and Sandbar Shark, each on one side. The top thin band has their dorsal and caudal fin and the bottom has the rest of their body. These bands will line up perfectly if you match them with the correct shark and complete the image. (Some product images are shown with them slightly off centered as to see where the rings split.) These rings will not leave marks on your finger and can be taken in water :)!

The Tiger engraved is a regular to the One Ocean Diving site, Moana, and the Sandbar is  another frequent visitor named Bully, who even has his own instagram @bullyshark_. We added their individual markings and nicks :).

Don't know your ring size? Click here!

Or for Aussies who go off letter ring sizes, here's your equivalent to the US ones:

 6= M, 7= O, 8= Q, 9=S, 10=U.


If you would like to learn more about what you can do to help sharks please visit,, or make sure to see Racing Extinction.



Ocean Ramsey from One Ocean Diving and Water Inspired swimming with Moana the tiger shark in her Thessalonike rings. Video on our Instagram!


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